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91% Of Women Say Advertisers Don’t Understand Them

by Madwoman on November 15, 2011

Why are there so few women in advertising creative departments? I was asking this question 20 years ago when I was the only female copywriter at a big London agency. Things haven’t changed. In fact they’re worse.

It seems insane that while it’s recognised that men and women think and act differently, especially when making purchase decisions, male creative directors (and some clients)  still stubbornly believe that you don’t need to be a women to create advertising that sells to women.

Okay, I agree – you don’t HAVE to be, but it helps.

I admit that a good male creative will be a better choice for writing an ad for tampons than a rubbish female creative. But when faced with a great woman creative and a great male creative – surely it’s a no-brainer that the woman would have a head start in coming up with an insightful, empathetic ad for sanitary protection? Can a man really understand what it’s like having a period? Or suffer from stress incontinence?

And it’s not just about particularly feminine products either. Women buy stuff for different reasons, so we need to know how and where to get their attention.

My husband had a completely different set of criteria when it came to buying a new telly – he loved all the ads, websites and brochures for the latest stuff. But it was me who chose it, and I had to do a lot of digging on web forums run by women before I was persuaded which model to go for.

Women are the biggest emerging market and brands need to engage with them if they are to win them over. 85% of  consumer spending is controlled by women, but according to a recent Neilson survey, 91% of women think advertisers don’t understand them.



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